Hello and Welcome to Chuck Cusimano’s official website.  Chuck Cusimano is a Person and BMI Songwriter.... Cusimusico is a BMI Music Publishing Company.

When it comes to Western Swing, Chuck is one of the best singer/songwriters around.

Chuck is a country western musician, singer, songwriter, who began his career in Country Music in 1972 after serving four years in the U.S. Navy, and was living for a couple months in Long Beach Ca. To Date Cusimano has written close to a thousand songs, and poems.

Chuck wrote a song in 2004 titled "ELEVEN EIGHTEEN NADINE LANE" which became the western swing song of the year in the AWA, as it received the Will Rogers award, and was also the song of the year in Mike Gross's SWINGIN' WEST internet radio program.  The song was recorded by Joe Paul Nichols and rose to # 1 in the Western Swing category in the Sept 2006 issue of the Power Source Magazine.  It also marked the ninth song recorded by Joe Paul Nichols, and written by Chuck Cusimano.   Ironically, the song "Eleven Eighteen Nadine Lane" is the address of another musician friend of Chuck's who had first crack at the song and turned it down.

Please take time to tour the website and look at pictures from Chuck Cusimano's Forty years in the Country Music Business. There are pictures from Chuck's Navy days playing Country Music in Bars in the Phillipines and around Long Beach California. There are pictures of Chuck playing with some up-and coming Country Music greats, along with some pictures of Chuck doing the other kind of work he did as a child and all through his life ... Cowboying. 

            Chuck grew up in the most envious lifestyle of a Working Cowboy on a large Cattle Ranch in Southeastern Colorado.  It was on this ranch, the "Box Ranch" North of Branson, Colorado in 1963, That Chuck first heard the sound that would make him want to play a Fender Telecaster, and get on the stage.  He say's "In the only ranch pickup that had a radio, while riding with the other cowboys through the South Pasture,
            I heard Buck Owens and the Buckaroos with a new song, "Act Naturally".  I was Hooked!  I knew I wanted to learn how to play a guitar and get that sound!"
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Chuck Cusimano
Curtis Potter, Chuck and Hank Thompson
Lynn Anderson with Chuck
Tony Booth with Chuck
Chuck with Darrel McCall
Chuck with
Hank Thompson's
Brazos Valley Boys