There have been some things going on with Chuck and his music that should be shared.  Chuck's writing and Publishing continue to bring new material to the Country Music World.

Myra Rolen, a Country Artist from Clarksville, Texas has released a new CD titled, "Hold That Thought" on the "Pretty World" Record label. It contains two of Chuck's compositions. "That's Why There's Honky Tonks In Texas" is gaining in popularity on YouTube. There is even talk, at this writing, that it could possibly be Myra's new, soon to be released Single. Myra's first Single, "Hold That Thought" is Currently #2 on the Independant Country Charts. Ms.Rolen also does, "Beginning Of The End" on her new CD. Both songs were previously released by Cusimano. "That's Why There's Honky Tonks In Texas" was released in 2007 on a six song CD by the same title. That CD is no longer in print but the songs are available for download in our store.

"Beginning Of The End" was first released on a Country Night Live CD titled, "Words You Can Understand" and is also available for download.

Chuck went into the David Mitchell Studio in Tyler Texas in 2012 and continuing into 2013, making several trips to record "The Tyler Sessions", a 14 track CD of Chuck Cusimano originals. Some of the songs had been recorded previously by other artists (Some of them, more than once). The CD was well received and was even the CD of the Month in The Country Music People Magazine out of England. The review written by
the editor, Duncan Warwick awarded the project with the top evaluation, 5-Stars.

Chuck said, "It was well worth all the driving to be working with my old friend, David Mitchell. David has a terrific set of ears for Country Music. We enjoyed visiting about old times when David was Chief Engineer at the Texas Recording Center in Fort Worth, Texas in 1985 through 1987. We recorded some good music there, although none of it was ever released".

Cusimano continued, "David had his Studio set up in his home in Tyler because his large studio was under construction. He still got a great Sound!"

Coming right on the heels of The Tyler Sessions, was another Cowboy/Western CD titled, "Cowboys And Money".  It just happened that Chuck finally, after 10 years, got ahold of the Recordings for this album. After checking the Master, Cusimano decided to re record a few of the tracks and Back to Tyler he went. The thirteen track CD,"Cowboys And Money" was recorded with just Chuck singing and acompanying himself on acoustic guitar. Two of the tracks have Chuck also overdubbing (Playing on another track) to add some lead

There are plans and recording in the works at this time for two new releases. The first scheduled release is for early to mid Summer of 2014.

Chuck has gone back to attempt to save some recorded music that is from years ago. As early as 1973 when Zak-Tone Records released a 45RPM Single. It was, "Bummin' On Fitzhugh" and "Lights Of Nashville". The record got a little attention but was never promoted. It found it's way onto many Jukeboxes in West Texas and up in the Panhandle, was played on several Radio Stations also but since it wasn't in Stores, no one could buy it. Radio Stations would receive inquires as to where the Record could be bought and since
the Disk Jockeys were unable to supply the answer, they simply pulled the record. Another Zak-Tone recording came about in 1980 and was treated the same way. However, there were many bands in the Fort Worth area that learned the song, "When She Does Me Right" and added it to their list of dance favorites. The song did receive the 1980 "Song Of The Year" award at the "Terry Awards" These recordings and other songs will be included on an upcoming CD titled, "Chuck Cusimano, The Collection, Vol.1"

Another Cd that was started a full year and a half ago has been put on hold because of financing. The previous CDs were already pretty well into production and one at a time, they have been paid for. The income generated from the available CDs will help pay for the "Merle" project. The "Merle" project will be a tribute to Merle Haggard and the Strangers musical stylings. The songs are all written by Chuck and He believes they "Sound like something Merle Haggard could have written". The music, if Cusimano has his way,
will sound similar to what was being recorded by the Strangers in the late sixties and early seventies.

In other news, Chuck has been nominated once again in the top five in two catagories in the Academy Of Western Artists (A.W.A.)  He is nominated for "Pure country, Male Vocalist" and "Pure Country, Album Of The Year" for The Tyler Sessions. Also a group that, until very recently, Chuck was a big part of for nine years, Country Night Live, is nominated for "Duo or Group Of The Year" (This is this group's third such Nomination)

On a personal note: Chuck likes to share this information with his friends and fans. Here in Chuck's own words:

"After noticing two missed calls from a Denver, Colorado phone number, while my phone was in another room on the charger, I returned the call. A shakey female's voice answered, "Hello?"  I said, "This is Chuck Cusimano, I'm returning a phone call".
  Her: "Thank you for calling back. I was hoping you could help me find my dad".
  Me:  "Well, who is your dad?"
  Her: "All I know about him is what my Mother told me. She spent the night with him on a ranch he worked on near Raton, New Mexico. Just one night. It was after a dance in Raton where he was playing music. The next morning, he drove her to her home in Cimarron".
  Me:   ".... Well, uh.."
  Her:  "She said he signed a record to my grandma".

Everything she told me was as clear as if it was yesterday. I did all that. I remembered it.. all of it.  In a situation like that, I thought it best to be careful in my choice of words. In a way I felt like a horse had kicked me in the gut! In another way, I was excited that I could be speaking with a daughter I never knew I had. We made several phone calls and grew close to each other. I told her that if I was her Dad, I wanted to know it and I wanted to know her. If it turned out that I wasn't her father, I still wanted to be her friend and help her find her father. She was 32 years old and had been trying to find out who her daddy was since she was very young. She said she felt like a part of her was missing. I looked her up on facebook and her profile picture showed possibilities. Then, she sent me her baby picture and I knew, she was my daughter. She looked exactly like her sisters! I had agreed to take a DNA test and I held back saying anything to her about my convictions concerning the baby picture.  ... after the DNA samples were sent in, I anxiously waited. then, one day I got a text message. I had been to a friend's wife's funeral and had left my phone in the car. The message read. "Hi Daddy!! It's True!!! you are my Daddy! Call Me!!! I called her.

Her: Hello Daddy!!... I've waited so long to say those words!!  We met for the first time on my brother's place East of Trinidad, Colorado in January 2013".

Chuck and his Daughter, Christina are very close and see each other when possible. Christina and her Husband, and two children live in the Denver area and Chuck lives in the Fort Worth area but they get together when possible.

Also Chuck says, "She (Christina's Mother) and I were both single at the time and I never saw her again. I had no idea about the child. It was God's design".

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