A lot happened for Chuck Cusimano and Cusimusico in 2010. Several recording artists recorded songs in the Cusimusico catalog.  He also released several new recordings along with recordings that have been "In the Can" since 1997.

Other songs written by Chuck were recorded to be released at a later time.  Here is a summary of action within the Cusimusico System in 2010.

Released in 2010:   Steel Country recorded eight of Chucks songs (Along with eight “Cover” tunes). The sixteen track CD, "Country, Hard As Steel" contained eight songs; seven written by Chuck and one written by Chuck and Co-Written by Donnie Barrow.  (This CD is available through - or can be downloaded for $1.00 per song at,

Terajay Entertainment released, first a single, then a ten song CD ("Shuffle Back To Me") by Gena Roberts. All ten songs were written by Chuck Cusimano. (Available at also available at

Cusimusico Records released a ten song CD of Chuck Cusimano songs recorded in 1997 in Colorado Springs Co. (Also available at,, and

Heart Of Texas Records released a CD of pre-recorded Songs by Joe Paul Nichols:
"The Best of,  Vol 2",  containing three of Chuck's songs. (Available at

Lonnie Spiker released a CD with one Chuck Cusimano song destined for much attention, "Another Day In The Life Of A Fool".

Monty "Hawkeye" Henson released a CD with one of Chuck's songs, "You Ain't Here To Hear Me Say Goodbye".

R. J. Vandygriff released a CD containing two of Chuck's Cowboy Songs, "Glory Ride" and "We Were Cowboys"

Mike Nelson Sang "Neon Sun" on a local Missouri project, "A Tribute to Brutus".

Bill Snow JR. of Colorado, recorded "Please Sing Silver Wings again" for an up-coming release.

Country Night Live recorded five of Chuck's songs in 2010 and will release their new CD in 2011. (Country Night Live - "The Right Five Vol.1" is available at or or downloaded at

That is a total of 42 Cusimano Compositions either recorded or released in 2010.

Chuck is currently working on a new Western Swing CD, and recording a few other songs for "The Can" (For later use).

He is also the author of a continuing Column in Joe Bakers Back Forty Newsletter each month. The Column is dedicated to the promotion, preservation, and awareness of Traditional Country and Western Swing. The newsletter is free and can be downloaded electronically. Go to and subscribe to receive it each month.  Chuck's column is titled, "Keeping It Real".

            In addition to writing songs, poems, stories, and articles, (as well as staying active playing guitar in various Country bands in the Fort Worth, Texas area), he also sits on the Advisory Board of the Western Swing Guild.

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Country Night Live
Chuck and Billy Martin
Chuck and his favorite Fender Telecaster, "Old Yeller"
Billy Martin, Royce Glenn, and Chuck